Pre-Kara Affliction ‘Lock Stats

To get the numbers here, I looked at several sources for recommended stats in combination with some old notes I still had around. I’m specced Affliction, so I’m more comfortable with the recommendations for that spec. Destruction seems pretty straight forward, but I’m completely at a loss as far as Demonology specced Warlocks go. As a result, those stat recommendations are most questionable.

Preferred stats for Affliction Warlocks are as follows (in order of priority):

  • +Spell Hit
  • +Spell Damage
  • +Shadow Damage
  • +Spell Crit

For Destruction:

  • +Spell Hit
  • +Spell Crit
  • +Spell Damage
  • +Fire Damage

Note: +Crit may be favored over +Hit, but I haven’t found a definitive discussion about that yet.

For Demonology:

  • I truly don’t know :(, If you find a good resource or if you are an experienced with the Demonology spec, please pitch in.

Once you hit level 70, you should start trying to get your spell hit up to the recommended amount. Keep in mind, however, that reaching your recommended maximum +spell hit pre-heroics and pre-Kara is probably not feasible. There is also a cap to the amount of spell hit that is effective. Anything beyond that cap is a waste. For Warlocks, the cap for affliction spells varies based on the number of points placed in the Supression talent. Keep in mind that points in Suppression only apply to affliction spells, the hit chance for destruction spells does not benefit from points in Suppression. The table below lists the minimum number of +Spell Hit that you need given your number of points in Suppression to maximize the chance that your affliction spells will land on any given boss.

Points spent in the Suppression talent | +Spell hit needed:

  • 0 | 202
  • 1 | 177
  • 2 | 152
  • 3 | 127
  • 4 | 101
  • 5 | 76

Other recommended stat numbers to shoot for include:
7000-7500 Health
7000-8000 Mana
700-800 +Spell Damage

I’ve found a couple of places that also recommend 20-25% Spell Crit for Destruction Warlocks.


Resources include:;jsessionid=1A3B6D99693ABA1F630D5F4C797D2E1B?topicId=3168481112&sid=1


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One response to “Pre-Kara Affliction ‘Lock Stats

  1. Saresa

    Nicely written crunching of the essential lock numbers 🙂 – much simpler to understand than some of the more math driven wowwiki info!

    As a rule, Destro locks do like about 25% crit chance optimally. The talent Devastation adds an extra 5% crit chance to all Destruction spells, which doesn’t show on your character screen, putting your ‘true’ Destruction (SB, Incinerate, Conflagrate, Immolate) crit chance at 30%.

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